Music assets

Free music assets for everyone. You can use it in your games or other projects. If you need any of the tracks modified, fixed, remade or improved – let me know. For my most recent music look here.

License for all the files below: CC BY 4.0
Attribution: Tomasz Kucza /

Simple lively melody for flute and guitar, should fit games set in a fantasy setting.

Happy Flutes

Download: mp3
Based on CC0 work by piermic.

Simple tune (losely) based on an old Irish song. Should fit games set in fantasy settings – maybe for RPG games as a tavern or store background music.


Download: mp3

Two lively electronic tracks made in Jeskola Buzz, very old but powerful software. The tracks were made around 2002.

Syntax Error
Techno Beat

Download: Syntax Error, Techno Beat

Winds of Venus (License: CC0)

Download: mp3, ogg

Dreams in a Stasis Chamber (License: CC0)

Download: mp3, ogg

Water Owl

Download: mp3, ogg

Electronic, retro souding tracks composed by me between 1998 and 1999, all in Fast Tracker 2 (I was 16-17 at that time). They sound low fi and have a 16-bit style that should much pixel art games – since they are actually made with 8-bit very old samples in the MS DOS era. They are a bit rough since I was just learning how to make music back then! There are some visible inspirations in some of the tracks – Vision 5 for example reminds me of Flashback that I was playing at that time.

Visions 1 mp3
Visions 2 mp3
Visions 3 mp3
Visions 4 mp3
Visions 5 mp3
Visions 6 mp3
Visions 7 mp3
Visions 8 mp3

Eternity 0 is probably the oldest music I composed that I still have. I unfortunately lost all my tracks from Amiga. They were a bit out of tune (more than som of the Eternity tracks!) from what I remember, so maybe it is not a big loss. Anyway, Eternity is very weird, hope you take into account I was 16 when I composed it and had no musical training whatsoever. The samples available where also often out of tune. 🙂

Eternity 0 mp3
Eternity 1 mp3
Eternity 2 mp3
Eternity 3 mp3
Eternity 4 mp3
Eternity 5 mp3
Eternity 6 mp3

If you’d like to use some of those tracks in your game but they are too low quality – let me know, I might make you a new, high quality, improved version. I would gladly remade them all if only I had time.